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Looking for a Better Video Tripod? You May Want to Watch This

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If you are into videography and you feel the tripod is not a tool to just hold your camera in place, you are not alone. Getting a tripod that is sturdy enough, smooth enough, and easy to work with enough is a worthwhile investment.

When I started with video, everything seemed very, very expensive. Several years after that, it still seems expensive, but on another level. In the beginning, I thought tripods that cost about $200-300 too expensive and high end. The tripod serves you well until you reach its limitations or you try a more expensive one that feels much better and probably costs at least $1,000. That’s the moment when you reset your level of understanding of what “expensive” means. If you are on the journey of upgrading tripods, you know what I mean. In the video above, you will see a similar experience. While you can make a great video with an even basic tripod, it’s not about being a better filmmaker. It’s a tool that makes your work easier and more comfortable when you upgrade to a better model.

If you haven’t put your hands on a fluid head tripod yet, you better try it. If you have one and wonder how much “more fluid” a tripod can get, well, it can. It gets sturdier and safer for your gear the higher the price tag gets. The more expensive ones are often a lot easier to work with. Buying a tripod is like buying a vehicle. It gets you somewhere, but depending on your direction, you might need a better one.

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