Low Poly Car Animation Breakdown (Blender 2.8 EEVEE)


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Trailer of the “Blender 2.8 Launch Pad” course: https://youtu.be/XB2XbleoB98

In this video I break down a low poly car animation scene, which was created in Blender 2.8 and rendered in EEVEE. The creation of this scene is part of our upcoming “Blender 2.8 Launch Pad” course.

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00:12 – Introduction
01:36 – EEVEE real time effects
04:52 – Lighting and volumetric effects
07:01 – Animation
13:28 – Outro

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34 responses to “Low Poly Car Animation Breakdown (Blender 2.8 EEVEE)”

  1. Really looking forward to this course. It looks like it'll be a great introduction to 3d modelling and animation in Blender 2.8 and will be a great launchpad for further learning and exploration. (I really like what people are doing with hard surface modelling and have the CG Boost course for that but holding off to do this one first.)

  2. Nett, informativ, inspirierend! Man denkt sich Ha, da hätte ich auch selber drauf kommen können. Aber in englisch? Deutsch ist doch eine sehr schöne Sprache. Es gibt auch 80 Millionen +/- von uns.

  3. My inner autist would give the tires drivers the thrust equivalent to the addition of the 2 drivers which it is in the corner of. For example the front left tire would be how much the car turns right +goes upward. Even though I would be the only one keeping track

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