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Make Your Videos More Attractive With Speed Ramping

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When shooting fast-paced action or a scene with tons of movements, it can be interesting to add more drama by using speed ramping. The technique consists in having a scene that’s played at different speeds depending on what’s happening. It may not make sense for now, but if you want to make your videos more attractive or just add a new tool to your belt, be sure to watch this tutorial.

Peter McKinnon has made a name for himself on YouTube with all his vlogs and tutorials centered around videography and photography. The video above is one of his two-minute long tutorial that gives you a simple technique to implement in your workflow and try to improve your work. The speed ramping he demonstrates is quite easy to use in Adobe Premiere Pro and actually works very similarly in DaVinci Resolve 14.

When trying to recreate the same effect, be careful with the speed percentages you use as McKinnon explains the technique with a 120 fps clip. If you shot your video in 24 fps or any other speed, the values will differ. For those used to working with videos, it may seem like a statement of the obvious, but for beginners, it’s important to keep that in mind. Otherwise, the result won’t be as entertaining as it should be for your viewers.

For more tutorials like this one, be sure to subscribe to Peter McKinnon’s YouTube channel.

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