Man Attempts to Troll Gillette With Photo of Family Posing With Guns

A photograph posted by a U.S. Army veteran has gone viral after it was deliberately directed at Gillette in response to the razor manufacturer’s recent advert encouraging men to treat other people with respect and speak out against toxic masculinity.

The photograph, posted by Graham Allen, shows the former soldier standing with his three young children, his two sons holding weapons either side of his daughter. The caption stated that the family was practicing their own “toxic masculinity” and rejected Gillette’s advice regarding how he should raise his children.

What isn’t clear from the deliberately provocative post is how the right to bear arms and educate children on the safe use of weapons is at odds with the messages underpinning Gillette’s advert. Gillette’s advert urges people to reject sexual harassment, bullying, and attitudes towards gender that perpetuate stereotypes. Standing up for the rights of marginalized genders, speaking out against sexually inappropriate behavior, and discouraging aggression does not mean a rejection of traditional gender roles, in the same way that traditional gender roles are not a prerequisite for gun ownership or gun rights advocacy.

Gillette’s advert sparked huge debate last week and has since garnered more than 23 million views and more than 300,000 comments on YouTube. Many have objected to Gillette’s message, though most responses have been more considered and thought through than this photograph. As Yahoo Lifestyle notes, Allen has not responded to requests for comment.

Lead image via Pixabay.

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