Maya 2011/2012 Basic Animation Practice with a Pre-Built Rig Tutorial by Stuart Christensen

A well rigged model makes the animators job a pleasure and in this tutorial by Stuart Christensen, you will be up and running in no time with the basics of animating with the help of Auto Keyframing and a wonderful rig called the Metalfly 1.0.0 created by Abid Devecha. You will first have to download the file from in the Maya Free Character Rigs Section and open it up in Maya. Even if you have no experience animating, this tutorial will show you the basics of what to look for and how to randomly animate this rig for an awesome result, and get your feet wet in the somewhat complicated territory of character animation. A special thanks to Abid Devecha for posting this super character rig!


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  1. You assume that your time is more important than mine to create stuff for you to learn, for free. You also assume that you are somehow "entitled" to this information and have some bearing on how it is presented…I don't create tutorials to satisfy the 5-minute You-Tube attention span, so if you don't like it, there's plenty of other vids out there. And, swearing in the comments section could get you banned from my channel. So chill and learn and all will be right in the universe.

  2. One of the awesome tutorial, this tutorial was as simple as Nursery's class, i loved it totally bro, i never taut animating wud be so easy like, and i had never understood in class from my teacher, but this video taut at me at one single shot. Thats the reason, i liked, commented and subscribed your video. Grand salute to you

  3. Well, normally this is done with a program called Matchmover, or there are others as well. To get an idea of the process there is a guy on You-Tube called Underground Education that has some great tutorials about how to integrate 3D animation into live footage. Check it out! Hope that helps.

  4. Hey I'm new to maya and 3d stuff in general so i wanted to ask if their is a way to import footage into maya so i can see how my animation lines up with the footage and if not how it should be done, like how you would go about putting a 3d object into your live action footage. Thanks for reading this.

  5. oh yes, you should place your cursor in the timeline and right mouse click and make sure that you choose the play every frame realtime option. There's a couple of choices for playback so fool around with those and you will be on the right track. Hope that helps!

  6. I love trolls because they provide a perfect example of the You-Tube sense of self entitlement. They want everything to be the way they want it and are selfish and senseless about the efforts people make on the internet to help educate those who are less fortunate. Trolls should be slapped down like a game of "Whack-A-Mole", and I love to play that game! Thanks for the thanks!

  7. Did you try creating a new scene and importing the file or did you just try and open the original file? Sometimes importing the file into a new scene is the best way to get things to work,,,,Hope that helps….(yeah, that guy is somewhat delusional at best!)

  8. Great tutorial again. I couldnt get the model to upload into Maya, but your walkthrough was more than helpful regardless. ( "I mastered Maya in 3 days"….what a joke.!!) My hats off to you Deepfriedectoplasm!!

  9. And thank you for taking a moment to send along kind words! It's all about learning, commitment and passion, as well as never giving up! I'm glad my efforts are useful to others who are on the same path! All the best to you and your studies!

  10. Look, if my tutorials, style of presentation and depth of coverage are too much for you to take, there are many other tutorials out there for you to complain about. I don't make these tutorials for people like you with an overinflated sense of self importance and entitlement. I make these tutorials for people who want to learn and appreciate the effort. I get one bad egg like you about twice a year out of all my traffic so you must be the problem….not me.

  11. If you can read, the books are very useful, but you probably have the attention span of a gnat so "book learning" might present a challenge to you. You probably spend more time playing video games than actually learning Maya. Not everything can be covered in five minutes to satisfy your A.D.D. FOCUS, CONCENTRATE and you will LEARN.

  12. Dear I can only AGREE to your shout out! I have started since two months with Maya and I appreciate the opportunity to learn from deepfriedectoplasm! Thank you so much for teaching us so well! Very much appreciated! Keep it up. I have still so much to learn 😉

  13. And you Sir are a Scholar and a Gentleman for taking a moment to send good words through the internetwebs. Back when the web started, it was all about people sharing stuff and in that spirit I hope to continue the tradition in a small way! Thanks for the shout out and I wish you all the best in life!

  14. I don't really use Maya all that often, and consequently I don't use your videos much. But knowing a guy like you uploads these things for free makes me have hope for the internet and society as well. No matter how much applause you get, you deserve more. Thanks for being a role model amidst all the hackers and hooligans.

  15. I understand what you are trying to do (sort of) and I will have to recreate the scenario….so stay tuned and I'll try to find a solution…more than likely this is a matte opacity issue that needs to be set in Maya. Off the top of my head I can think of about 4 possible things to look at if the end result is to be used in FCP….so stay tuned. I'll get back to you soon!

  16. When I save the image as a PNG and try to import it to my video editor (Final Cut Pro) The plane appears as a white image under my object. Is there a problem with Maya handling alpha channel for transparent objects?
    Please help if possible. I tried to solve this issue but the textbooks do not write enough about alpha channel operations.

  17. Dear Stuart,
    I have a question that I was not able to resolve. Recently I have been working on a project which is a little bit the opposite of this tutorial. I am trying to place an object on a transparent polygon plane. I am applying the "use background" feature to the plane (oppacity 1, transparency max, reflectivity 0) so it nicely casts shadows but does not appear in the render. To be continued…

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