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Maya 2011 rigging tutorial – IK Arm

Code Canyon


SU 2011 – MA391 — A –Character Setup: J.B

Maya 2011 rigging tutorial – IK Leg

Maya 2011 rigging tutorial – IK Back spline

Let me know if you have any questions just post those babies in the comments below. Or if you see me around school feel free to ask me questions then.

If you were having trouble I hope this helps you out! I will probably go through before midterm and build a complete rig depending on how much time I have available to do so. Though I will probably be very brief since I have to shoot these vids in one straight shot and get it right the first time. And of course things always work out as planned don’t they?

By Luke
Handy hotKeys for Maya

d = move center pivot (Insertkey also works the same way)
d+v = vert snap
d+c = curve snap
d+x = Grid snap
Ctrl+g = new null group
shift+leftClick = add to selection
q = select to (and deselect any tools in use)
p = parent
shift+p = unparent


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