Maya 2014 tutorial: How to model a Greek column

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In this tutorial I will show you how to model a Greek column.


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  1. I've learned so much by watching your tutorials Mike. Awesome work! I have a question about how you are adding the polygon cubes and circles. How are you dragging it onto the grid and scaling size at the same time? That is a huge time saver. 
    If you could please let me know. Thanks!

  2. Hi, Mike, thanks so much for your tutorials! I have a question: in this video at 4:20, after you select the CV Curve and delete it, you go to Edit>Delete by Type>History. You do the same thing in the Gladiator Arena video at 35:18 after bending the sections of the arena into a unified circle. What is the reason?

  3. Unfortunately, once again, this doesn't work in Maya 2015 or 2016…where there are several choices for 'extrude' and none of them produce the result in the video. How do you get the result you see here after selecting the plane and the curve to produce all those faces…keep in mind extrude in 2015 has a choice for extrude vertex, extrude edge and extrude face…none just 'extrude'

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