Maya 2017: Quick Rig

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  1. When you're a freelancer making your own characters, this step of the animation process is absolutely brutal. Why the hell can't they add hands to this? Goddamnit, 2017 and rigging is still a cryptic mush that only programmers and coders can understand. Goddamnit.

  2. Hello!

    Currently im working a mobile character rigged by "quick rig" but i have serious problem making animation.

    My problem is when i set keyframe a controller, it set all the controllers same time and current positions. e. g : When i set a keyframe to right arm controller, it sets left arm, chest, hips, right leg, left leg controller too. But when i set key to simple joint, its not affect other joints

    I want to set keyframe to only selected controller, Is there a solution ?

  3. This is really cool, was wondering if its possible to acess some of the steps in a custom pipeline? ( call from python scripts )

    for example the guide placement calculation would be neat for any custom auto rigger. Also is this written in c++ or mel/python? being the latter would answer the question pretty much i guess :).

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