Maya 2018 – Render Sequence

“Render sequence” is not new. The Maya 2017 edition already provided that command which basically shows rendering while it’s being done instead of, like with the classic batch render command, hiding the rendering process from you while you keep working on your scene. The only new thing about the Render sequence command is its icon in the render icon selection. You have to open the Render settings to specify a certain frame range, and off you go.

The standard process for rendering an animation is via the Batch Render command. Batch rendering is an independent task which lets you continue your work in Maya or even quit Maya, whereas the Render Sequence blocks Maya until it’s finished.

In the Student edition of Maya 2018 Batch Rendering in Arnold produces a watermark. Render Sequence does not.

What I did not explain in the video is this: When you use the ICON for Render Sequence, it renders all images into the images folder, according to the main render settings. However, if you go through the Render Sequence entry in the Render MENU, you can open the option box and for example choose the output directory. I usually render my images in a Dropbox folder, so that I can access them from everywhere.

For the Render and Render Sequence settings see the end of this tutorial:

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  1. If you have the student version of Maya and don't have the ability to 'batch render' without watermark, would you be able to do so if you installed Redshift or Octane, provided you have a GPU that was up to the task

  2. Thank you, sir! I followed all these steps and it worked! You have no idea how much time I spent trying to find info about this. I chose the image format as EXR in the Render Settings Panel. It exported in the same folder the # of files (.exr or .png) and then I imported the .exr in Premiere Pro. I had to change the Speed/Duration of each file down to 1 hundredth of a second though to make the animation faster and that was all. Thank you again!

  3. hey, i did everything u showed, having a problem with render sequence, i chose 10 frames just to practice and then in arnold settings i did some changes like frame 1 to 10 and all and then when i hit sequence render and close it dose render all 10 frames but instead of creating a video it shows 10 diff files in the set location folder and now i dont know what i am doing wrong. is there anything you can suggest?

  4. Hi there! I am using Arnold renderer and my render sequence is not even showing up. I am using a student version of Maya 2016. I only see the batch render under the render settings. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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