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Maya Character Modeling Tutorial – Cartoon Mouse HD #1

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Maya Character Modeling Tutorial – How to model a Cartoon Mouse HD #1

Download References Images Here

In this Maya character modeling tutorial misterh3d will walk you through the complete process of modeling this cartoon mouse. This tutorial is aimed at beginners, however it assumes that you are already familiar with the maya’s user interface and that you already have an understanding of viewport navigation and object creation.

You will start off by setting up your project folder and creating the image planes with the reference images that you can download from the above link. Once your scene is set up for modeling the cartoon mouse, you will start off by blocking out the main shape of the body. Later on, once the main body is blocked out, you will add extra details such as the eyes and other smaller details.

This tutorial was created by Misterh3D so if you enjoyed his work, make sure you check out his YouTube channel here:


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