Maya tutorial : How to move your Pivot Point ( 2 methods )

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Another video in the _Short series_ In this video I will explain two methods to move your Pivot Point in Autodesk Maya


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  1. Hey! Wondering what hotkeys are used to bring the pivot point to one of the vertices of the cube. I'm creating a photo realistic copy of a living room and i need to scale it properly to fit the camera lens. It seems that scaling would be much easier if I could get my pivot to snap onto a corner of the cube.

  2. You are a life saver. you helped me do what my teachers have struggled to tell me in months within 2 mins. I'm trying to make a game in unity and one of the options is to open doors and the pivor point was always messed up. Thank you!

  3. hey, im trying to snap a pivot of curve shape to its first point but when click home then "V" to sap to point it never snap I hope to find a solution from u, thnx in advance

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