• Tuesday , 2 June 2020

Miami Marlins Baseball Player Hits Home Run, Breaks Very Expensive TV Camera Lens

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Have you ever had a bad day where you broke a piece of gear? Even if you’re still lamenting that potentially pricey incident, I’m willing to bet it wasn’t as expensive as this lens that Giancarlo Stanton just a hit a baseball off of.

If you follow baseball much, you surely know that Giancarlo Stanton is on an absolutely historic tear as of late, hitting balls over fences seemingly every night. Even if you’re not a fan, all you really need to know is that tonight, he hit a another home run, and the unfortunate (and inadvertent) target of that shot was a tv broadcast camera.

As the cameraman relayed to the broadcast booth, the shot broke the zoom on the lens (and possibly more), a Canon XJ72, which runs for about $60,000 on the used market at the moment. And I know you’re probably drooling over the specs of that lens like I was, so just to clarify, it’s a 9.3-675mm f/1.7-3.45 lens (designed for the 9.6 x 5.4mm image format for 16:9 television), which made me cry inside a bit when I thought of that baseball hitting it. In fact, it maintains that f/1.7 aperture all the way up to 333mm. Flip on the built-in 2x extender, and it becomes a 18.6-1,350mm f/3.4-6.9 lens. The monster lens weighs almost 50 lbs. and is obviously hardy, but was still no match for a major league power hitter. At least the cameraman was alright! 

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