Mistakes That Hurt Your Photography and Your Business

Being a photographer and running a photography business are both complex things with a lot of different parts and places where things can potentially go wrong. This fantastic video tutorial discusses a wide range of mistakes photographers commonly make and how to fix them or avoid them entirely.

Coming to you from Andrew Boey with Beyond Photography, this awesome video tutorial discusses some common mistakes photographers make. One that I think is particularly important is shooting photos for other photographers. The photography community can be really competitive, often to the point of being toxic, and as such, it can be easy to get sucked into trying to impress other photographers. The effect is doubled by social media, where trends often reign and thousands upon thousands of similar images flood feeds. As in any creative field, if you are not being true to yourself, you will quickly begin to feel dissatisfied with the experience. Furthermore, developing a recognizable personal style is crucial to your own enjoyment of photography and to establishing yourself in an already crowded marketplace. Chasing trends will always leave you behind the curve and will only make the competition fiercer. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Boey.

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