Modeling Cloth Clothing Tutorial with Blender

Using modeling cloth addon to make a simple women’s top. discord:
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  1. Development continues! I'm rewriting everything from scratch (it shouldn't take too long. I stared a week ago and I already have a thousand lines of new code.). There are a lot of features I wanted to include but the architecture was just to buggy. Plus there are some new ways to manage data in Blender 2.8 that developers didn't have access to previously. The next release will be a big one with new features and major improvements.

    Thanks for your support everyone! It really helps me take extra time away from my day job to work on it!


  2. If you're unable to get this working, make sure you're in Object mode and hitting Continuous Update and not Edit mode.
    Thank you to Rich for not only making this but taking time out of his day to help troubleshoot the issues I had! Greatly appreciate it, and definitely keeping this add-on installed. Can't wait to see what future developments bring.

  3. I think you can use kickstarter or indiegogo method to gather the fund you need. Once the funding goal is reached you have more time and maybe hire other addon developer to create "Marvelous Blender"

  4. Hi. I recently discovered this addon. Thanks it seems great. Im trying to figure out how it works by getting help from tutorials… I have tried for 3 hour today to make a simple dress. But And ı have an issue that my simulation doesnt work at all, when ı chose a collider. When ı disable the object collision of my dress, the simulaton starts runnng but this time dress doesnt see the body as collider… If you help me ı will be so glad. If t is a bug ıts ok but if it s my fault can u tell where ım doing wrong? I can upload video that shows my problem if its not understood. Thanks for the addon again :)…
    And can you tell how did you extrude the edge repeatedly in nineth minute 🙂

  5. i was trying to do similar thing but nothing happens when i click continuous update sometimes. seems like its random, sometimes when i finish editing sourse key, the similation wont work, when i undo to the stage where it worked before, it still wont work. i dont know how to fix this.

  6. I've been trying to make a scarf with the modifier but it keeps on going in it self, I think the collision system needs some improvement still(like you said).
    btw I used the 2.79 version, Is the collision system improved in the 2.8 version or like the 2.79 version? thanks.
    I'm lovin this modifier btw

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