More Info on the Canon EOS R1 Flagship Mirrorless Camera Emerges

With all the excitement about the Nikon Z 9 and how it compares to cameras like the Canon EOS R3 and Sony a1, it can be easy to forget that Canon actually still has another high-level camera coming, the flagship EOS R1. A bit more info has emerged on the camera, including an expected release date.

Canon Rumors is reporting that the upcoming EOS R1, the mirrorless analog to the 1D line of DSLRs, will likely begin shipping in Q4 of next year. Although this might seem a bit late with the Sony a1 on the market and the Nikon Z 9 not far behind, the EOS R3 will be available in the meantime, and Canon will use feedback on that camera to help guide final decisions on the EOS R1. Regarding specs, it seems less likely that the R1 will have a global shutter, as readout speeds have gotten to the point where such technology won’t be necessary (as we are seeing in the Z 9). I would personally expect a major resolution bump in the EOS R1 over the EOS R3, particularly given the pressure from Nikon’s and Sony’s models. We should start to hear more in a few months. Check out the article on Canon Rumors for more.

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