My Adventure with a Slippery Snake

Well, it’s started. I have begun my adventure with that slippery snake called Python programming. As you can see on this site, one of my passions is forex trading and while I am progressing quite well, it is time to take it to the next level. This is where the need to be able to analyze, in depth, all my trades and in micro and macro contexts comes into play. I have searched all over the web for some kind of program to do just that but haven’t come across anything worth while. So, what to do?

Write my own program, that’s what!

Now, I have no idea about programming what-so-ever but my future livelihood depends on how well I can trade consistently and weed out those mental mistakes that drain your bank account and leave you wondering what just happened. Choosing Python to learn programming seems like a no-brainer as everyone on the web agrees that it is easy to learn, flexible, powerful and FUN. FUN? We’ll just see about that. Another big reason for choosing Python is the fact that it is almost the defacto language in CG/VFX which is another of the infinite number of passions of mine. So with this one choice I am killing several birds in one shot, at least I hope. This isn’t to say that when it comes time to actually write a functional program that can actually do something useful, I won’t move over to some other language like Objective-C.

My objective with this blog is to learn, learn, learn! I will be putting down in words my experience while learning to code and hopefully pass on some of what I pick up along for others to use and take advantage of. Also, really look forward to keeping a record of the trials and tribulations that go along with such an endeavor. I promise to make it as pleasant to read as possible, add a bit of humor and definitely a whole lot of coding!!

Please do leave comments, suggestions, tips, corrections, call me a bone head or, hey why not, register and start your own blog with me. I have set up a forum and even a group just for people like us, so have a look and let me know what you think.

Now it’s time to dig in and get down to writing some code.

Stay tuned!

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