• Monday , 25 May 2020

National Geographic Photographer’s Hard Drives Stolen at Airport, Contain Images of World's Rarest Animals

Code Canyon

National Geographic, and he only has one copy of the images???? I NEVER enter an airport, or change cities without THREE copies in three different locations.

My computer has my initial copy. I then carry two 4TB SSD USB drives, onto which I copy everything. One of those gets a copy every single night. NO EXCEPTIONS. The second SSD gets copied to before I switch hotels, go to an airport, or take my computer outside the hotel. (and the computer is always chained to a desk or chair, or whatever solid item I can find to wrap the chain around)

The computer is carried in my computer bag. One SSD goes into my carry-on, and the other goes into my wife’s carry-on.

I also have BackBlaze making online copies the entire time, though it is rare for internet to be fast enough to really fully keep up. That is there as a partial 4th copy though too.

We traveled to 10 countries in 2019. This kind of basic image back-up should be common sense to anyone giving a darn about his photos when traveling on the road. And National Geographic????

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