New Generative Fill Tips in Photoshop 2024

16 Generative Fill tips. Adobe added tips to generative fill in Photoshop 2024. Colin Smith shows you all of Adobe’s Tips as well as his own.

00:00 intro
00:08 Task bar pin
00:26 What you select is vital
01:03 Selection Shape Matters
02:01 Semi transparent generations
03:37 Moving a Generative Fill Layer
04:15 Moving a Generative Fill Layer, keeping same object
05:28 Different Languages
05:35 Regenerate additional variations
06:14 Reducing File size
06:33 Removing Content
06:50 Avoid Instructions
07:07 Change part of the generated image
07:32 Exclusion commands
07:56 Generative Expand
08: 28 Replace background
09:17 How to let Adobe know what you think of the results
09:40 more learning on Generative Fill in Photoshop 2024

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21 responses to “New Generative Fill Tips in Photoshop 2024”

  1. Good day Colin. Love all your tutorial videos. Seen lots of them & learned lots. I have a question that doesn't have to do with this video and wonder if you can give me a reply. I have Lightroom & Photoshop. I bought a new HP all in one computer. Approx. 6 months ago and since Photoshop Beta, I've been having computer issues when both programs are open. It is very very slow and then freezes. I did contact Adobe and issue not resolve. What type of computer are you using Mac & Windows?

  2. Great tips. The one issue I have consistently found with AI generated content is that it seems incapable of accurately depicting human hands. If you look at the tip where you ask for it generate a glove, you'll note that she has 6 digits in every version.
    My assumption is that when programming AI, it has confused concepts like "humans have 5 fingers" and "humans have opposable thumbs" and come up with "humans have 5 fingers and 1 thumb."
    I've yet to see an AI engine create an accurate model.

  3. Colin …what are your thoughts please . To generative expand first downsize the entire image to 1024 …generative expand …then upscale entire image to a higher resolution . Perhaps a viable alternative to several 1024 ‘boxes ‘

    Personally 99.9pct of the time I use generative for getting rid of things . Works well in the vast majority of instances

  4. Lets be honest, it's just a toy isn't it ?

    Any professional trying to produce work to a tight schedule is going to be disappointed.

    There are 5 problems with generative fill.

    The first is the algorithm. For example you ask for 'an old fashioned car' – and you get old car wrecks'. So you have to waste time trying to second guess the bot's understanding of what you type.

    Secondly it's slow – so multiple regenerate to get a better image is very time consuming.

    Thirdly the generated bit has a fringe of the background around it so it blends in. This means you can't resize or reposition it because the fringe won't match.

    Fourthly the censorship (aka Community Standards) are child-like. I tried 'swimwear' the other day and got refused. It's just not reliable enough to use every time – so trying something to see if it works – only to get the orange box after it has thought about it for a bit – is just another waste of time.

    Finally the floating panel for the generative fill is a gimmick. The last thing we need is more clutter. Much better to right click on the selection and choose from the menu.

  5. My tip: Do not even try to expand images when women are present on the image, 99% chance to get blocked, even if you own full copyright and there is zero nudity involved. I'm not sure how you were even able to add the shirt to your model without getting blocked.

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