• Thursday , 4 June 2020

Nikon Continues Mirrorless Tease With Images of New Mount for Its Mirrorless Camera

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Following the original announcement of development, this is the first video segment we have from Nikon revealing the new mount for its mirrorless system. What features can you tell from this teaser video?

Of course, discerning exactly what will and will not be possible is still a difficult task. But we can tell is that there are at least 11 clearly discernible electrical contacts for transmitting information between the lens and body. Modern F-mount lenses have up to 10 contacts. However, one can’t put too much weight on what this could mean, as Nikon’s smaller one-inch CX-mount lenses (and bodies) have 12 contacts.

Another difference is the four-tabbed bayonet mount as opposed to the F-mount’s three-tabbed mount. This could result in anything from easier mounting to a more durable construction. Also, as we could tell already, the mount continues to look quite large compared to the rest of the body.

Finally, it has been revealed that there will be four more teasers for Nikon’s mirrorless camera before it is released, as can be seen on the teaser site.

What else do you all see?

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