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This is a project I have been working on for some time and one of the most difficult regarding photography. The idea is not original and also I have been using it for some 10 years and aims at taking normal photographs and making them look life-like.The movie uses only single photos as basis and then they are cut into pieces in photoshop as layers, the background is regenerated and after that I use camera mapping in 3ds max to recompose the scene on 3d objects. In some cases like the second shot the reflection is generated in max to have a dynamic. Lens flares added in Adobe After Effects and also some extra processing and color correction.
The original photos can be found on my gallery in if you want to look how similar they are to the original.
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  1. This is just insane, especially at 0:10, you must have had to replace the reflections with your own CG versions? I had to watch it in slow-mo a few times before I started to see some artifacts that look CG, like a repetition in the pattern on the water (bump map?). Must have been tons of work, and well worth it. This video deserves way more views

  2. Wow, this is really great work.  Above and beyond the other examples I have come across on youtube.  The one that really got me was the rock formation on the sandy beach, the reflections in the puddles blew me away!

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