Phase One Announces XT Digital Medium Format Field Camera

After teasing a new release over the past few days, Phase One has finally unveiled the new XT digitally-integrated field camera.

The XT is built with the “best of everything” according to Phase One. It’s a travel-friendly design familiar to technical cameras, like the Phase One A-series, but with easier to use controls and advanced functions for any skill level. “The XT Camera System is designed to elevate both your creativity and image quality by providing the best possible components, in the smallest possible package with intuitive controls, all of which allows you to focus on the moment,” said Phase One Product Manager Drew Altdoerffer.

The new camera system features a two-action shutter release, horizontal and vertical movement dials shifting 12 millimeters up, down, left, and right, an X-shutter lens interface, and a detachable Arca Swiss type tripod foot that can be rotated for landscape and portrait orientated shooting. It was exclusively designed to be used with the IQ4 150MP, IQ4 150MP Achromatic, and the IQ4 100MP Trichromatic medium format digital backs.

Three Rodenstock lenses are available for the XT system including the XT HR 70mm f/5.6, XT HR 32mm f/4, and XT HR 23mm f/5.6. The electromagnetical X-shutter is capable of shutter speeds ranging from 1/1,000 seconds to 60 minutes and uses carbon fiber shutter blades which are tested to over 500,000 captures. Each aperture module uses five curved blades.

Pairing up the XT with Phase One’s IQ4 150MP digital back will cost $56,990, with lenses ranging in price from $8,990 to $11,990. More information on the Phase One XT and how to book a demo can be found on their website.

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