"Photograph" Piano Tutorial (Ed Sheeran)

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This beautiful romantic song was written by Ed Sheeran and talks about the challenges of long-distance relationships.

It was inspired by Ed being away from his own girlfriend at the time while he was touring.

It’s a beautiful song to play on the piano. The most difficult thing is that it’s in the key of E, so we have 4 sharps! But that’s ok!!

Because this is a pop song remember. So we also only have 4 chords. The chords you’ll need are E major, C# minor, B major and A major.

The hardest part of this song is probably the introduction riff, so that may take a little practice.

You can download the lead sheet for FREE here:

Here are the timecodes for each part of the song:

– The intro riff – 0:51
– The rest of the song (seriously – it’s only 4 chords) – 1:51
– Breaking down the rhythm & chord inversions – 2:33
– The pre-chorus – 4:17
– Practice tips & advice for singers – 5:01

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