Photographing GOSHAWK // BIRD PHOTOGRAPHY from hide – birds of prey

A new day of bird photography from hide. It is nothing better than sitting well camouflage in a hide, waiting for birds of prey. It can be long and cold hours, but so worth it when the beautiful goshawk shows up. The goshawk is a fantastic and a fascinating bird. You have to be really careful with your movements. It has fantastic eyesight and are a shy bird.

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26 responses to “Photographing GOSHAWK // BIRD PHOTOGRAPHY from hide – birds of prey”

  1. I admire that you are still using D500/D4 and get better images than most of a bunch of wildlife photographers,who rave about mirrorless and are obsessed with equipment..Big like.
    Cheers from another D500 user..

  2. Hi Trond. This is my first comment to your channel. I follow our local Peregrines in the New forest England and they stay close to their nesting box all year and have been doing so since 2016. My question to you is do Goshawks do the same with their nests and do they return to the same nest each year. Love your channel and all the inspiration it gives to me. I do spend hours waiting for birds of pray. And only 10 days ago I spent 3 days at Lepe watching for the Sea eagles Roy Dennis has released in his rewilding programme of 60 birds over 5 years. And I got lucky I had 3 birds land on the mash about 200 yards away and they stayed for over an hour just sitting but 2 did end up having a little altercation before taking to the air again.

  3. I want to entertain you and make you laugh with some true stories that happened in the last few weeks. I feed birds and I get a lot more than my share of hawks visiting. On two occasions just recently, I opened my window and with a big spoon and pan, I was drumming as loud as I could out of my window. That had no effect on the hawks. Then I grabbed my camera and took pictures of them while they were watching me knowing I don't like them still with my window open. I think one was a sharp shinned hawk and the other was a Cooper's hawk. Not to sound like a wiseazz, but we both got good pictures. You did it in extreme hiding mode in that hut, and I did it while being as obnoxious as possible just short of shooting fireworks while hanging out of my building. Maybe accipers that hunt in people's backyards are conditioned to tolerate folks that want them to go elsewhere. Just stuff that crossed my mind as I watched how invisible you tried to be compared to when I was wondering how many neighbors I would be disturbing. Haha. Wildlife photography is an awesome interest, thanks for sharing.

  4. Really loved your video Trond. My favorite photo is the one where he looks over his shoulder.I was rooting for you as I was watching your video. I kept saying, look over your shoulder look over your shoulder. I'm delighted you got that shot.

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