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Hey everyone!

I made a video about real estate photography in the same vein as my light painting video.

A five minute video to help with technique on shooting top quality real estate photos.

Hope you enjoy and learn something about the process!

Special thanks to Nick Reeves for teaching me these skills over the years.

Intro song by the talented Scott Stedman.

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  1. Shoot hand-held, f6.3, ISO320, 1/80th sec. with Speed light on camera set to TTL+1.3. Aim flash above and behind camera. Shoot single exposure and edit in Lightroom to brush in exposure where flash falls off. That’s it, no tripod, and no blending of multiple exposures needed to get really great results quick and easy. Here are examples:

  2. This how to do it is too slow for MLS. Instead, get magnificent photos for MLS from hand-held single exposures: f 6.3, 1/80th second, ISO 320, and on-camera TTL flash bounced on ceiling. A decent DSLR like a Nikon D750 with great dynamic range shooting RAW for processing via Lr can produce a preset which gets a great image and can yield a finished project in seconds when auto sync is applied.

  3. You're making rules which limit possibilities, and needlessly handicap results. I shoot virtually every interior for MSL: hand held, TTL flash on camera, 320 ISO, f7.1, 1/100th, and wide angle lens at 18mm. I do not need window pulls processing with Lightroom to reduce highlights. Generally, hand held gives me an exacting perspective, which is paramount, the tripod undermines this. Each shot, including processing with preset, takes about a minute; and, these sell at a rate of about $2 to $4 per shot for a 40 to 70 plus image project, enough shots to cover up to a 6000 sq. ft. home. If a Realtor or Real Estate Photographer in my market did it according to your instructions, they'd go broke while attaining unnoticeable perfection.

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  5. Dude, this video has been the single most helpful thing I've seen. Do you have a tutorial on your exposure blending technique? Also, do you have any tips on best practices for positioning your flash?

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