Photography Isn't Always Fun

Photography is supposed to be a fun thing; after all, it is something we all willingly choose to do, as opposed to a career chosen out of necessity. But that doesn’t mean it always is; in fact, sometimes, it’s downright tedious. This great video follows a landscape photographer as he discusses how the job isn’t always as great as we make it out to be and why that’s still ok.

Coming to you from Mike Perea Photography, this awesome video discusses how despite the fact that there are many great things about photography, it simply isn’t always fun. The message really resonated with me, because I’ll sometimes feel a bit guilty if I’m not enjoying my time with a camera, and I think it’s important to remember that even if we’re enjoying a career doing something we love, that doesn’t mean we are somehow obligated to constantly be smiling while doing it. Certainly, if it’s only your hobby, you can just take some time away until you feel like going out again, but if it’s your profession, at least know that it’s ok to have periods where you’re not feeling it. Check out the video above for Perea’s full thoughts. 

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