Photoshop cc 2019 MASTER coloring in 7 min

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In this photoshop cc 2019 tutorial, I’ll show you how to make your images pop like crazy. A huge problem that photographers have is creating images that have one washed over color tone. You will see this a lot on social media where filters will be put over the top of images. The way that professionals color is completely different. When you separate out your colors individually it will make a world of difference.

Within any version of Adobe Photoshop cc you’ll be able to do this technique. What we will be doing is separating out the colors using layers and then individually painting in the colors. This can be achieved by creating a layer mask as well and then painting in the color you want.

To follow along, download the files which you can find above. I would love to hear what types of tutorials you would like to see next, so go ahead and write your suggestions in the comments below or you can follow me at my social links below. I’d love to hear from you!

If you want to get better and master this technique then I suggest getting the download file that I provided above and practice along with me.

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