Photoshop CS6 Tutorial – 39 – Best Copy and Pasting Techniques

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25 responses to “Photoshop CS6 Tutorial – 39 – Best Copy and Pasting Techniques”

  1. some people need to calm down, guy is teaching in a series, so you kinda have to follow what he previously taught. this is definitely not for someone who wants to first know all the basic steps that lead to the current focused tool.

  2. Teaching someone how to do something properly encompasses showing them the complete steps. For example, how do you select an item? It is important to show step 1, 2 and 3. Never assume that people should know the basic steps to anything. I learned this when I underwent my M.A in teaching. This is why we say "For review" or "Example" purposes only. Because in a class of kids of any age, there's always a few that are completely lost. Hopefully, this helps out.

  3. Hey i got a question!! I need to put an image in the other image (just the way you did) but i want to do it in many pictures/frame to became an animation video….i got the pictures but how can be mathematical copy&paste in the same place?? i mean copy and paste in the same spot!! cause its impossible to be the same place with just draging the mouse….

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