Photoshop Tutorial Banner Abstract Floral

Hey everyone, this video tutorial we will learn to create a banner graphic design abstract floral in Photoshop. Check out my video tutorial and enjoy!

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33 responses to “Photoshop Tutorial Banner Abstract Floral”

  1. as a bigener,how could you learn for this,its so fast man,if you are professional in photoshop you dont need to watch this,what i mean is,if you show tutorials thats means,you are teaching right,bigeners cant understand this tutorials,its so fast.Useless!

  2. Im a newbie and i find it super.nice but for me as a newbie that can't follow.easily i suggest you to have step by step.or make the process of making slower….it's just a humble suggestion thankyou

  3. Hi. I want to know how to make these shapes but had to close down as I was not able to follow. Can you please make a video that teaches  us how to do it with a voice over. Or direct me to one that teaches. Take care. GarryUK  Had to give a thumbs down regrettably.

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