Photoshop Tutorial: Five Easy Photo Retouching Tips and Tricks

Photoshop is the perfect tool for retouching but sometimes it can take a lot of work to do something simple. In this video, you’ll learn easy tips and tricks to make your work easier and better such restoring blown out detail with a layer style, using the healing and clone tools on a separate layer, reducing haze using only one layer, painting in a blue sky quickly, and utilizing Photoshop actions to do things without even knowing how. Watch this video and you’ll learn these five simple and useful photo retouching tricks.

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• Narrated by Dean Wendt
• Tutorial by Denny Tang

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30 responses to “Photoshop Tutorial: Five Easy Photo Retouching Tips and Tricks”

  1. Great Tutorial , I learn a lot from your video , thank you . I have a XP-Pen Star G430S drawing tablet for image editing in photoshop . the small drawing pad is perfectly adequate for use with Photoshop edits.

  2. This guy is on a different plane of existence from the other tutorial I watched. Obviously some more work needed on some of the pics, but what he did with these, in the time he took to do it, was nothing short of amazing. Thanks for posting, undoubtedly saved me many many hours figuring this stuff out "stick and rudder".

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