Preparing Blender Projects for a Render Farm

This video covers some times to prepare your .blend files for a render farm.

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7 thoughts on “Preparing Blender Projects for a Render Farm

  • May 22, 2019 at 02:14

    I am trying to send project to a render farm complex scene many files even many folders associated with it. My first attempt was a failure because I didn't understand the relative directory's. That is why found your video. If I got this right, make a folder or directory for the render farm, (no problem there) pack external data, clicked relative paths. Ok that wasn't enough ( I didn't think it would be). Now I think because my scene is pretty complex, I started it before I knew about using render farms and before I knew about proper ways of doing directories. If I create a new directory (for sending out) put those textures in there basically rename in a relative manner as you said. Would that be enough, or all the blend associated also have to be included since I am linking everything. I think I just answered that question my self as a yes. If that is true then is it enough just have those files in the folder with the one I am sending to the farm? Sorry for my ignorance on the subject but it is starting to make some since though but coin is dropping.

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