Profoto's Connect: Easy Function / Relaxed Style

Take a quick moment to watch Profoto’s latest clip showing off their wireless flash trigger, Connect, used by Hélène Pambrun. When you’re done, give Profoto’s accompanying story a read.

Pambrun has recently risen to fame shooting the likes of Tony Bennett, Ben Harper, Ed Sheeran, and Dua Lipa. She is currently Harry Styles’ tour photographer.

Like most, Pambrun started as a natural light photographer, but had to quickly adapt to flash photography to meet the needs of her clients. As she was asked to complete more and more complex assignments for various Parisian magazines, she began to realize that she needed to learn how to control light. As she puts it, 

Bringing my own sun, so to speak, is the best way to always have the light I want.

The video clip shows Pambrun using the Profoto Connect to shoot French singer Gael Faure. The Connect allows Pambrun to shoot in her casual style, which she says helps relax her subject. 

The Profoto Connect and its auto mode instantly guarantee me the best setting configuration.

Pambrun explains that this ease of use allows her to take it easy, to focus on the subject and not the gear.

I realize that there are going to be readers that will scoff at the Connect and the idea of automated lighting, but Pambrun has a great point:

The good thing is that when you eventually start to feel comfortable with it, you can turn it to manual mode and try different light settings. 

The accompanying article includes several tips on portrait photography. Whether you like Profoto or its Connect or not, Pambrun’s tips are useful to those of us that shoot people. 

Pambrun provides three essential tips for creating great portraits:

  1. I always focus on the eyes, camera-wise, and energy-wise. This is the part of the face that speaks the most.
  2. Follow your intuition. If you have a crazy idea, just try it out. Trust your spontaneity and the person you’re shooting will too.
  3. Keep it simple. The intensity of a glance, the lines on the skin of an old man — all these small and simple things can create very powerful portraits.

I have two questions: firstly, if your goal was to keep a shoot casual, what would your set up be? Secondly, and likely more inflammatory, how do you feel about full auto on flashes?

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