Putting ALL Marvel Characters In One Photoshop Edit!?


In this #photoshop video I’m putting together a MASSIVE #Marvel #Assembly! I collected a ton of characters + various other big creatures, vehicles and other things to create this monster artwork. All from the MCU Phase 1-3. This is my Third large character assembly.

Check out this link for more info/downloads for the contest:

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Hardware I use:
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Keyboard and mouse:
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►Razer Blackshark V2
►Shure SM7B Mic (with Focusrite Scarlett + Cloudlifter)
►Samson G-track PRO

►Logitech Brio
►Panasonic S5

Intro: (0:00)
Photoshop Battle Feb: (0:37)
Marvel Assembly: (1:42)

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49 responses to “Putting ALL Marvel Characters In One Photoshop Edit!?”

  1. For anyone who asking why benny not working with a real company like a marvel etc.

    Yes, actually editing like this is a bit less suitable for posters. posters are made so that people immediately understand what they see. the poster type is more of a simple edit
    But yeah still. Benny is soo fking good at editing. Maybe he's just don't want to have much work deadline


  2. Dude your work always amazes me and this one is no different. But I gotta say, the poster feels off. This is kind of just a nitpick and idk if there was anything you could've done otherwise. But the main issue is with the image choices. Each image feels so different. You managed to adjust the lighting for each image to make it consistent. But it still feels off. Each image was taken with it's own individual style, which includes different lighting and perspective. In fact, some of the images used was either promo images, set images, toy box art images, concept art, and I think some were straight up just toys. The differences feel so visually obvious. But still you managed to make an awesome badass poster

  3. Dude you are so good, to this wallpaper on photoshop, and this is great, but i think seriously you can do better, i don't want to be rude, really, i just think you can do a better art, like this but with the 3 spidermen swinging in an action move, and giant antman thor flying idk somthing like this. ✌👍❤

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