Python Flask and Vue Tutorial – Video 1

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25 responses to “Python Flask and Vue Tutorial – Video 1”

  1. It would be better just to focus on the API + Vue interaction. Make Flask app just a pure API backend that the Vue app consumes. Try to minimize the html stuff because that's just a distraction.

  2. Can't possibly overstate how awesome this tutorial is. Been looking for something like this for a while. It's the perfect intermediate level explanation of flask, bootstrap and Vue.

    Can't help but notice it's called "video 1"… Any chance of getting video 2 on this?

  3. hey man could you make a flask vs django video in 2018? Ive been learning back end development and Ive built a couple projects in flask. Ive building an ecommerce site with django but I find it to be more complicated. Would you recommend sticking to flask?

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