Realistic PHOTOCOPY EFFECT (QUICK & EASY) | Photoshop Tutorial

Step by step guide on how to add the Photocopy Effect to your image in Adobe Photoshop. Easy method for all skill ability!




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  1. If you're having some trouble getting the stamp filter to work with your image, try the torn-edges filter or halftone pattern filter (located in the same area). Torn edges is not exactly the same, but produces a relatively-similar effect with more control so you don't have to have an image with very specific lighting. The halftone pattern works as well, but is a bit different stylistically compared to the two.

    These are by no means end-all solutions, but if you're struggling to get the look to work with your images, I found these to be good alternatives.

  2. to do this on anything else, just turn contrast all the way up and lighten and darken it to your liking, and use a magic wand tool to select all of the white and add whatever color you want

  3. it is crazy i was talking with mom about how im jealous about macroblank's designs while showing her the designs of macroblank. After she gone i was still checking the album covers of macroblank then i realized i need this effect to do something like this. then i clicked to main page icon and tadaa there is the tutorial of it. Its insane man damn insane. im feeling like the future people of interstellar guiding me to be a great designer and helping me with their clues. Thank you future people, Thank you taylorULTRA.

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