• Thursday , 9 July 2020

Reviewing Modern JavaScript Applications

Code Canyon

When dealing with modern JavaScript applications, many penetration testers approach from an โ€˜out-side-inโ€™ perspective, this is approach often misses security issues in plain sight. This talk will attempt to demystify common JavaScript issues which should be better understood/identified during security reviews. We will discuss reviewing applications in code-centric manner by utilizing freely available tools to help start identifying security issues through processes such as linting and dependency auditing.


Lewis Ardern is a Senior Security Consultant at Synopsys. His primary areas of expertise are in web security and security engineering. Lewis enjoys creating and delivering security training to various types of organizations and institutes in topics such as web and JavaScript security. He is also the founder of the Leeds Ethical Hacking Society and has helped develop projects such as bXSS and SecGen.

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