Rob Parker – Matthew Stafford Should Withdraw Donation To Injured Photographer

THE ODD COUPLE – Chris Broussard and Rob Parker discuss whether Matthew Stafford should withdraw his donation to the photographer who fell off the podium during the Rams Super Bowl victory parade.

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37 responses to “Rob Parker – Matthew Stafford Should Withdraw Donation To Injured Photographer”

  1. How would you react? Do you really know? I don't know what he was thinking at the time and neither does anyone else? Could he have been shocked or stunned? Or is this another example of CANCEL CULTURE?

    A LOT OF LEFTIST JUDGEMENTALISM GOING ON HERE! Matthew and his wife were shocked which affects people in different ways. Here we have another short video clip and people are making judgements. How many times have we seen this and them we get the rest of the story and find out it's completely wrong. Incidentally, he's paying for her hospitalization and camera equipment for starters. NO FUND RAISER IS NEEDED, IT’S BEING TAKEN CARE OF BY THE RAMS OR HE’S OFFERED TO TAKE CARE OF IT.

  2. This is exactly how the white media does a black victim after the police kills them. Pulling up any and everything that ever happened in the victims past. So to see a white woman getting the same treatment doesn't bother me not one bit

  3. Funny you want to cancel the photo lady but you hypocrites still listen to your fave hood rappers who beat woman talk about rape say the n word or watch lebron who says the n word and other football players doing rape and beating females

  4. This is what happened. Dumb woman backs off the stage. Hollyweird makes a story out of nothing. After 13 seasons of playing his guts out, you just can't let the guy enjoy one week of happiness. The wokeness makes me want to puke. Welcome to California Matthew.

  5. What she said in the past has nothing to do with her falling. If you felt like you should pay than do it. We can't keep policing peoples past. I thought they was gonna say she has a history of faking falls. Lol

  6. Matts reaction is typical of his generation. They are selfish and Self centred. A woman breaks her back while she's taking a picture of you and you just turn and walk away because you don't want it to interfere with your party is pretty disgusting

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