Saturation vs Vibrance! Differences Revealed – Photoshop Tutorial

Learn the shocking differences between SATURATION and VIBRANCE in Photoshop!

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00:00 – Introduction
00:33 – Document Setup
00:44 – The Difference Between Saturation and Vibrance in Photoshop
02:37 – The HSB Color Mode
04:24 – Increasing Color Intensity with The Vibrance Adjustment Layer
05:03 – Saturation vs Saturation – Same Name Different Results
06:28 – HSL vs HSB Color Modes
08:04 – Final Thoughts


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23 responses to “Saturation vs Vibrance! Differences Revealed – Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. Thanks for this. Useful explanation between HSB and HSL. I'm still not sure though how the B/W adjustment layer works? I thought it too was based on human perception (HSB) but it shows a different result to reducing the saturation slider in a Vibrance adjustment layer?

  2. Next time picture selection should be reasonable lookable bearable acceptable remarkable what is this picture really you have low standard in women selection sorry for this and above.

  3. Literally two days ago I was thinking about actual difference between vibrance and saturation while working with a photo for my web page design. And today THIS pops in my recommendations… Wow! Thank you!

  4. When I am post processing some files, and i selected FILE > SCRIPTS > IMAGE PROCESSOR to save all the files in one click . There is a windows opens for every PHOTO that shows [THE COMMAND FEATHER IS NOT AVAILABLE, HOW can i remove this]

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