Selections – Photoshop for Beginners | Lesson 6

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Master the art of Selections in Photoshop and get a solid grasp of what selections are, and learn the fundamental methods to create them. In this tutorial, we will use real-world examples to learn the right way to make a selection in each situation, and the various ways to modify them. I hope this video helps you. Thank you so much for watching 🙂

00:00 What are Selections?
02:50 Important Announcements
03:49 Ways to Make Selections
06:05 Lasso & Polygonal Lasso Tool
12:17 Quick Selection Tool
16:39 Select Sky
18:02 Select Subject
22:07 Color Range
27:14 Select and Mask
32:02 Obsolete Techniques
32:43 Save and Load Selections
33:56 Modifying Selections: Contract
35:38 Modifying Selections: Expand
38:41 Modifying Selections: Feather
41:11 Important Reminder



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42 responses to “Selections – Photoshop for Beginners | Lesson 6”

  1. Hey guys, I need HELP, plese!
    I pressed some combination, Ctrl+ ?? and my image went black and white. It was arround WASD.
    Now, no matter how many times I press Undo (Ctrl+Z), colours dont come back. I did not save the project, I put in like 3 hours of work and I dont want to lose it.
    What do I do?? And what is the damned combination I pressed :((

  2. When I cutout an image for fun, when I crop it, I select the content of the image, expand selection by 5 pixels, then crop to selection.
    I do this because (I believe) it increases the chances of not having weird subpixel crap happening at the edge of the image.
    It probably doesn't matter, but I do it anyways.

  3. I’m such an idiot. For a long time I’ve thought about digging in to see if the Polygonal tool had a shortcut for closing the shape. How much easier could it be? Also backspace for removing the last point. THANK YOU!

  4. If you duplicate the background layer do you have to keep the original one or can you delete it? I ask because it affects the look created above it. Not sure what I am missing here. Thank you for all your fantastic videos

  5. Very powerful information…when you say …I don’t know how to pronounce…i think American people still like and love it because they understand how much hard work you do to make such full of information videos..thank you

  6. I want to express my utmost gratitude, Pix, for the invaluable knowledge and guidance you have provided me over the past five years. It's not my intention to show any disrespect towards the college where I pursued visual design and earned a degree, but I must confess that I've learned far more from your teachings than from my time in college. Your expertise and passion have truly shaped my skills and understanding in ways that surpass the formal education I received. Thank you sincerely for being an inspiring mentor and someone I've admired for a long time.

  7. This was so helpful. I use PS as a commercial Art Director, but selection and some of the tricks and tips will help finesse and open up new worlds of execution for me. You are the best PiXi. Never change :).

  8. I know you are a photographer so I want to know by you , what's your opinion behind the question I am raising.
    Why Every Professional Photographer Uses a Canon Camera ? What the reason behind it ? Plz give me actual answer.

    I want to know, and I have seen most of the professional photographers uses at last canon.
    Please suggest me the answer.

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