• Wednesday , 1 April 2020

Shader Toolkit v1.2 for Autodesk Maya

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The Shader Toolkit is a compact management replacement for the Hypershade interface and offers useful shortcuts and utilities to fix common shading issues.

Get the tool at https://gumroad.com/eriklehmann

Note: A small update for the Material Manager has been released. Please take a look at the online documentation to check out the latest interface / functionality changes.

Online documentation at https://eriklehmann.com/documentation/ShaderToolkit1d2/

(00:00) Introduction
(00:13) Tool Menu
(00:37) Material Manager: List / Create Menu
(01:21) Material Manager: Functions
(01:48) Fix Prefixes / Shading Groups
(02:18) Select Objects With Same Material
(02:26) Reassign Shaders
(02:41) Create Material IDs
(02:54) Random Shader Assign
(03:09) Delete Unused Nodes

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