Sometimes, Things Just Don't Go Well

Watch enough YouTube and photography tutorials, and you might start to think that accomplished photographers do nothing but take spectacular shots day in and day out. But the truth is that even the best among us have days where things just don’t go right or the creative juices just aren’t flowing properly. This great video takes an honest look at what happens when things just aren’t going the way you had hoped.

Coming to you from Thomas Heaton, this awesome video follows him as he struggles with mediocre conditions and images that just aren’t showing up the way he had hoped. Of course, when you hop on YouTube or even just take a look at any photographer’s portfolio, you are only seeing the very best of their work and experiences. It can be easy to forget that for every perfect moment or stunning image you see, there are hundreds of unseen moments and mistakes that never make it to the public eye. We all struggle a bit sometimes, but the important thing, of course, is that we continue to persevere and improve. Just remember that everyone experiences those bad moments. Check out the video above to hear Heaton’s full thoughts. 

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