• Saturday , 30 May 2020

Sometimes, Waiting on Good Conditions Is Overrated

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It is common in landscape photography (and other genres) to want to wait for the best conditions before heading out to shoot, but sometimes, that can make you miss other great shots. This awesome video talks about the importance of not becoming too reliant on conditions and instead learning to rely on your skills to make great shots.

Coming to you from Simon Baxter, this great video discusses why great conditions are only one small part of the equation when it comes to making great photographs. It’s easy to want to wait for that perfect foggy morning if you’re a landscape photographer or that warm golden hour light if you’re a portrait or wedding photographer, but the simple truth is that the weather doesn’t always cooperate, and if you leave yourself at its mercy, you might be disappointed. Depending on what you shoot, this can mean a lot of things: you might need to learn how to use artificial light or you might need to expand your creative horizons and start shooting images that take advantage of the light and conditions in front of you instead. Check out the video above for Baxter’s full thoughts. 

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