• Tuesday , 14 July 2020

StructureSynth to Luxrender Exporter v.5…Available

Code Canyon

New in this release:

fix the lighting to provide much better light in all situations and help with render times

Updated HDRI lighting

Fixed DOF bug…see below

This a major update from  v.3, which is why I have skipped v.4 and have gone straight to v.5

[box_tip]All you need to do is to comment out the “focal distance” in the exported .lxs file. Or you can get the focal distance out of SS by displaying “Show 3D Object Info” in SS, pick a point you wnat to focaus on, then look at bottom of the SS screen and you will see the “camera plane depth”. Put that number in the “focal distance” in the exported .lxs and then you will have proper DOF.[/box_tip]


Next step will be to adjust the materials and add support for more samplers and intergrators….Stay tuned!!




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