• Tuesday , 14 July 2020

StructureSynth to Luxrender Exporter v.7rc

Code Canyon

v .7rc


  • added support for metal2 for box, sphere, gridthick and grid
  • added GPL LICENSE BLOCK and info
  • tweaked glossy mat –  now we use .1 for specularity
  • tweaked glass mat – increased Kt to .9
  • Commented HDRI light to default to off for speed

This is un officially a release candidate. If this is OK we will release officially.

Take a look at this. These are the 5 mats available through the exporter:

Blue = metal
Yellow = glossy
Red = glass
Green = car paint
Purple = matte

No HDRI on this render. It is commented out by default so if you need hdri just uncomment in the following version I release today.  Everything is working good so far and am getting some great renders.

Pretty much this is going to be the final version of the exporter just need to test a bit more for bugs and then will release and make a tutorial.

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