Stuff ALL Beginner Photographers should know!

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This week I’m at Llyn Crafnant in Wales running though a list of tips for beginner photographers, that I wish I’d have known when I started! From how to buy cameras and lenses, what to expect as you improve and how to set goals for your photography, I really hope this quick video helps 🙂

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42 responses to “Stuff ALL Beginner Photographers should know!”

  1. Quick review of the Guinness chocolate:

    If you’ve ever eaten chocolate and wished that it tasted a bit of dark, heavy, Irish pudding beer – this is for you. Also, if you want to eat chocolate but don’t have anything else in the house, this is passable but just tastes like it’s been in the cupboard for a number of years. 6/10.

  2. haha you're so funny! (as well as v informative, of course). love when there's humour with landscape photography videos, as it's such fun, learning and taking photos, for so many of us and those that take it all and themselves so seriously tend to put this prone-to-spontaneous-laughs viewer riiight orf. great videos+lightness and humour get. my. vote. 👍🏼☺️

  3. I absolutely share your thoughts and I really like the philosophy of the 10 photos when you go out to photograph. When I was shooting in anological (I'm a 65 year old) a great fotografoo told me when you go out to photograph you are happy if 1 photo out of 36 is good !!!!! Today you press the shutter button too often in vain and then see if you have made good shots in the quantity !!!
    I follow you congratulations for the video

  4. I get what your saying but I don't think a lot of times people are even looking for the camera that is best for them. Most people will buy a brand and just stick with it and work around its issues. Some people will watch reviews and read up on cameras and lens and so on. But most I think will just look around a bit and buy something.

    Thanks to DXO Deep Prime it has really took M43 to the next level giving two stops of high ISO and sharpening the images also.

  5. Quick question, since I seemed to recognize that you switched to your S5 midway through the video, do you still use the G9 regularly, or to put it differently which one is your favorite child (measured by photos taken in the last months and/or joy during the process of taking them)

  6. As a novice who just enjoys taking photos and processing my own ilk, I really appreciate this video. Your self-demeaning manner makes a schlub like me feel comfortable absorbing the 'stuff' you impart, and brings a delightful humor to the content. But more importantly: Did Emily give birth to a girl? Or a boy? (Congrats, either way.)

  7. Good points and humble outlooks, some good light humour thrown in too. The days of looking at equipment and the next best lens will ( as you said ) pay no result to great/good photography. The best thing is to get out there, experiment and enjoy yourself. We learn more by trying than we do thinking of trying. Chocolate sound neat.

  8. I started with a Nikon D40 in 2008 with a Nikon18 70afs lens and bought a secondhand D300s 4 years ago for £250 from London Camera Exchange in Gloucester UK.
    I use a 24mm 2.8 af for most of the time and have Nikon Sb600 Speedlite as well. I am nearly 76 now so this camera will see me out.
    12mp is plenty and the results are brilliant. I have a 35mm f2 Huonghu af lens which is a great knock about lens.

  9. Hi, as someone starting out, what do you do about unexpected rain. For instance in this video. I've been trying to get out to shoot for a week but petrified of getting it wet, sony a6400

  10. I loved it when you talked about your phone signal and Emily… nothing to apologize for, lol… just means your a thoughtful husband. I always enjoy your honesty and transparency regarding photography James. As you have said before, there are many photographers out there, but I find that there aren't many like you. Grateful for the many ways you have shared your insights on growing our skills and that's what keeps me coming back to see what you have to teach me. Cheers James!

  11. This could not have been better timed, I just bought my first DSLR after taking interest and watching your channel for some time. I took an interest after playing with a polaroid (one of the little $80 toys my sister happened to get for herself) and decided to give it a go. Love all of the information and tips mate, cheers!

  12. James, posting the pictures in the video with and without the pre-set filter of your is amazing! Would anyone else be interested too with info underneath like aperture, shutterspeed and ISO?

  13. 4:21 seeing that camera just placed straight on the ground 😂

    my hiking buddies (not photographers) always remark that I’m placing such expensive camera systems directly on the ground as I get stuff out of my pack

    where else am I going to put it in the middle of this field?! 🤣 it’s a camera it’s got weather resistance it’ll be fine.

    I actually bought another PD capture clip to wear on a photography belt just for this task. I transfer the camera to my belt and then can get food or other items out of my ruck while on the move even. It’s very nice. the thought of leaving a $4000 camera and lens combo 6 miles into the wilderness on a bench is my ultimate photography nightmare

  14. As always a cracking watch James, the ‘enjoy the now’ piece, it’s one of those phrases that a lot of us hear but don’t quite take on board soon enough. Similar to the one used by a certain blue and yellow liveried flat pack store, “sometimes the little things can be the big things”!

  15. 4:53 Fishing is similar to photography, in my opinion. It's not just "You either catch fish or you don't". It's more about whether you catch fishes you want and whether those fish are good catches (big, pretty, tasty, etc.)
    Like photography, you will almost always get something when fishing (yeah, even trash caught in the hook), but you won't always catch the fish you are proud of (take the photos you are proud of)

  16. Please, James – can you consider moving, or 'mirroring' your channel to ODYSEE.COM, which is backed up by blockchain.
    Many respected professionals are moving, and thus making it a better all-round option.
    WE, 'the people' need to starve the all-powerful, dictatorial, corrupting, time-wasting beasts, that YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Google have become.

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