The first tools to learn in Photoshop

Photoshop can be intimidating so in this video I give some ideas on which tools to learn first.

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  1. Although this is a year old video upload, I'm glad I came across the tutorial. I agree, PS is daunting and with editing in LR for years now, that's my "Safe Spot". Going in and dabbling with some clean up stuff is all I typically do. But, having the focus stacking tips and the way you present it, is just so simple and doesn't seem as complex as other tutorials I've watched. I will definitely be trying some focus stacking on my Drone imagery. Although being elevated doesn't create that huge difference in foreground to background focus, but I still see the foreground as soft even when I'm at F11. I'm excited now to shoot something tonight and see what I can pull off! Great tutorials…definitely subbed! Now I'll be going through all of your videos in the foreseeable future to grasp as much knowledge as I can.

  2. I heard about your channel from a guy from Alaska who moved to New Zealand. His tip was check out this channel, the guy is amazing. And he was right. Looking forward to a long deep dive through your videos and checking out your offerings on the web.

  3. Like many I find Ps way too intimidating. The photo stacking is great but LRC now has content aware and visualisation tab bottom left, which makes life easier especially finding dust on old photos and slides. I couldn't find visualising in Ps, dies it exist?

  4. I personally don't use lightroom unless I have a long sequence of photos to edit. I directly open my images in Photoshop and edit them using the camera raw plugin. This is because my laptop is so slow and can't handle the softwares opened at the same time.

  5. Nick, any suggestions if my desktop looks different than yours, does PS offer different models? I am currently working with PS that is marketed with LR, maybe it is just a setup thing? Thanks, Ken from AZ🌵

  6. Thanks Nick, your the Man..your right about everything you say about LR, becomes a crutch & I want to learn PS more, only used for focus stacking for yrs..I will be watching for more PS training..Love your channel, Ken in AZ 🌵

  7. Awesome tutorial of essential tools. You nailed it, and you really made a just excellent selection of Photoshop tools that are way better than LR. Thank you very much indeed. Greetings from Switzerland

  8. Dear Nick, this video and its content hits hard, especially for a person like me. Basically you somehow described me withot knowing me. I'm exactly in this situation, where the first encounters with PS are really intimidating. As many others, i use mostly LR, and after I've learned some more advance things like Range Masks, for a while I was pretty satisfied. The next natural step was to explore a bit in PS. We know that there are things that cannot be done in LR. The first thing I learned in PS was to blend the focus stacked images, and this was quite a big step for me. Then I discovered the healing tools, played a little bit with the lasso and clone stamp tools….but as you said, Nick, all those layers and layer masks are quite (or at least they look so) intimidating and I feel so lost. I really apreciate your videos, especially this one, because it is exactly my status, the way I feel right now. Mostly, I'm pretty lazy when it comes to comment, but this video really made me write a comment. I saw hundreds of videos from well know photographers like Nigel Danson, Mads Pter Iversen, Michael Schainblum, Adam Gibbs and the mighty (and funny) Gavin Hardcastle, but this one is so encouraging. And this is (especially regarding my current level and skills) exactly what I needed. Therefore, thumbs up and many thanks to you, Nick. Greetings from Romania!

  9. Nick I will add my thanks for a wonderful video. I have been trying to learn PS and have a tutorial video from a well know PS teacher. But I haven't made it through yet. Recently I took a photo that I really liked while in Alaska but it had a lot of water spots on it. Your video allowed me to save an image that I didn't think was useable.

    Does your PS for Landscape Photographers introduce PS in a similar way to what you did in this video…ie tools that you can use right away?

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