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The Opensource.com preview for June

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The Opensource.com preview brings you highlights from last month, editorial announcements for coming months, and other tidbits.

In May, we attended a few conferences and published interviews with speakers and reports live from the event: DrupalCon 2016The Community Leadership Summit (CLS), OSCON, and Open Summit. We also published a series on Open Source & Hardware that covers everything from stories about electronics to 3D printing.

Writer for us

  • Open Source & Entertainment: How open source tools, projects, and communities keep us entertained. This is a broad topic so send us your creative ideas! Drafts are due to our editorial staff by June 8.
  • Open source tools for sys admins: Many of the tools sys admins rely on are open source. Which tools save your sys adminny day? We want to hear about your favorite open source tools or your home-brewed hacks. Proposals are due to our editorial staff by June 17.

See our editorial calendar and columns for additional writing opportunities. We’ve rounded up 7 big reasons to contribute to Opensource.com. Got questions? Email us at open@opensource.com.

Where to find us

In June, we’ll be at Southeast Linuxfest in Charlotte, NC. Stay tuned for articles from some of the speakers.

Are you organizing a 2016 open source conference or event? Be sure to add it to our community calendar

As always, you can email us at open@opensource.com and find us on Freenode IRC at #opensource.com.

Celebrating 1 year of The Open Org

On June 2, The Open Org celebrated the 1 year anniversary of Jim Whitehurst’s book, The Open Organization. Whitehurst penned this article looking back over the year and his hopes for the future of open organizations. DeLisa Alexander and Rebecca Fernandez introduced the Open Decision Framework, a collection of best practices for making decisions and leading projects, which you can fork on GitHub. These articles and more are part of our Open Organization Week series about the current state of and future of open culture.

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