• Saturday , 30 May 2020

The Sony a9 Is So Fast That You Can Make a Movie From Still Image Bursts

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The Sony a9 is a pretty exciting camera, as it’s the first mirrorless camera to take square aim at the two highest-level DSLRs, the Canon 1D X Mark II and the Nikon D5. It’s made waves for many features, not the least of which is its insane continuous shooting rate of 20 fps. This video highlights just how fast that is using a clever method.

Sony gave Amar Ramesh the new a9 for a few days to test out. In deciding how to show off its blistering continuous burst speed, he came up with a novel idea: he would shoot a “video” that was actually stills pulled from bursts and aligned before being combined in Final Cut Pro. 12,000 shots later, he had the video you see above. You can also see a behind the scenes video below:

While no one would actually shoot a video in this way, it does show off the camera’s prowess in a way that should make sports and wedding photographers drool at the possibilities. For those looking for faster and faster frame rates in a professional body to increase their chances of getting a shot at the perfect moment, it clearly doesn’t get better than the a9.

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