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The Top 10 Movie Props of All Time |
  • Tuesday , 26 January 2021

The Top 10 Movie Props of All Time

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The effect a prop has on one’s experience of a film can be absurdly obvious or cleverly subtle. However, there’s no doubting that when properly employed, props can be the crucial piece that completes a movie. Here are 10 of the best props seen in film.

Coming to you from CineFix, this fun compilation looks at ten examples of top-notch prop usage and how they were either the narrative glue of the film or simply outrageously funny gags (I really think they missed an opportunity to put the “Spinal Tap” guitar amp in a bonus 11th spot, alas). While they’re all excellent examples, my personal favorite is the microfilm from “North by Northwest,” which is a textbook example of a MacGuffin (an object pursued by on-screen characters but of little importance to the audience). The microfilm is of crucial importance to the characters: it holds smuggled government secrets and fuels the activity of Thornhill’s (Cary Grant) enemies, and yet, we don’t even see the actual film until the final minute of the movie. It’s simply a vehicle that explains the actions of those on screen, but it’s the actions that actually comprise the narrative.

Do you have any favorite props? Share them in the comments!

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