The Wildlife Conservation Film Festival Kicks off This Week in NYC


A film festival dedicated strictly to wildlife conservation films kicks off its eighth year in New York City later this week. Over the course of ten days, the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival will screen over 100 documentary films from around the world, many of which are world premieres.

The films will be screened at the Cinema Village Theater, which is located at 12th Street and University Place. The festival, which was founded by Christopher Gervais, claims it is the only film festival dedicated to wildlife conservation films. The event will include panel discussions and Q&A sessions from film producers and scientists from Australia, Europe, and Africa. Networking sessions, field trips, and a wildlife photography exhibit are some of the other features on offer this year.

The WCFF has partnered with conservation organizations such as Wildlife Alliance and WildAid, as well as Cinema Village Theater and ArtTour International Magazine. Aside from this month’s film festival in New York City, the WCFF also hosts a three-month-long conservation exhibition in Dali, China which showcases films and a wildlife photography exhibition.

For those that are interested in attending, there is an opening reception on October 18 at the Marlton Hotel at East 8th Street and 5th Avenue. With so much on offer, the difficult part is trying to figure which films/events to attend. An all access film festival pass is available for $375, while individual passes are also available. More information on tickets and a schedule of the films and speakers can be found here.


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