These Are 15 Shockingly Useful Tips & Tricks For Photoshop – Photoshop Tutorial

Check out Envato Elements to unlock the best set of tools and assets you could ever imagine:

We will talk about some essential time-saving and helpful tips and tricks for using Photoshop. Whether you are a graphic designer, photographer, or digital artist, these tips and tricks will help you use Photoshop more effectively in all kinds of ways.

I cover exporting graphics and fixing a weird export problem that Photoshop has. I talk about creating intricate masks quickly in a variety of ways. I talk about dodging and burning, smart objects, non-destructive editing, hotkeys, opacity and layer control, doing math, 16-bit image power, gradients and much more!

Envato images used in this tutorial:
Guy at computer retouching:
Synthwave style album cover:
Models posing in skirts:
Old man fishing by the sea:

Also, the dress pattern:

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πŸ”₯ ↓ VIDEO GUIDE ↓ πŸ”₯
00:00 Intro
00:32 Dodge & Burn With Lines
03:25 Sticky Rotation
04:37 Envato Love
06:14 Hidden Sliders
07:59 Adjustments + Smart Objects
10:09 Merging Layers in Different Ways
11:55 Exporting Images, Layers, & Groups
17:25 Rotate Cloning & Healing
18:36 Math in the Inputs
19:34 Target More Specific Colors For Adjustment
21:43 Curves Adjustment Split Two Ways
24:41 Ultra-Complex Masks Made Easy
28:24 Convert a Color Object to White
32:07 Preventing Banding & Artifacts with 16-Bits
35:46 Change the way Gradients Work
37:35 Organic & Easy Selections FAST






MSI Computers:
Aputure Lighting:
RØDE Microphones:
Autonomous Stand Up Desks:
SoundAssured Acoustic Foam:

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  1. Even if I knew wie a few of these tips, the way you explain em is always highly motivating to use the tips and tools way more often.
    Thanks again for a highly interesting, super well made tutorial Nathaniel!

  2. i couldnt care less about how much time passes in between your video uploads .. they are gold each and every single one of them.. im way beyon thankful in fact adobe might as well change their help link and hyperlink their help section to your youtube channel πŸ™‚ and its so amazing everytime i think ok now ive got it all … one of your videos comes along teaching me yet AGAIN something ive like never seen befor .. even tho there is one tiny little thing that adobe or photoshop seam to .. i dont know .. maybe you recall deluxe paint on the amiga there was this star thingy where when you drew a line it mirrored the line like 4 or 6 or 8 times or just turned the whole thing drawing the same line you were drawing with an angle like 20 30 40 degrees creating a star like something in the process not sure if you remember that .. but this is something i always wondered why it never got picked up by photoshop or maybe its another one of those secrets where i did not have found out yet how one would go about achiving the same effect

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